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Gavan McCormack


Gavan McCormack is an emeritus professor of the Australian National University and a coordinator of The Asia-Pacific Journal. His most recent book, co-authored with Satoko Oka Norimatsu, is Resistant Islands: Okinawa Confronts Japan and the United States, Rowman and Littlefield, July 2012 (Japanese, Korean, and Chinese translations to be published early in 2013.) He is the author of Client State: Japan in the American Embrace (New York, 2007, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing 2008) and Target North Korea: Pushing North Korea to the Brink of Nuclear Catastrophe, 2004 (Seoul 2006).

ID Author Title
4068 Gavan McCormack
The Front Line in the Struggle for Democracy in Japan – Nago City, Okinawa 日本の民主主義のための闘い 最前線は沖縄県名護市
4056 Gavan McCormack
Bitter Soup For Okinawans - The Governor’s Year-End Betrayal 沖縄県民苦汁をなめる 知事、年末の裏切り
4034 Gavan McCormack
Introduction: The Continued Saga of the Henoko Base and Japan-US-Okinawa Relations 五部作への序章 辺野古基地と日米沖縄関係という長編物語
3961 Gavan McCormack
Japan’s Client State (Zokkoku) Problem 日本の属国問題
3947 Gavan McCormack
Much Ado over Small Islands: The Sino-Japanese Confrontation over Senkaku/Diaoyu 小さな島々をめぐる大騒ぎ—尖閣・釣魚諸島と中日対立
3908 Sakurai Kunitoshi, Gavan McCormack
Okinawans Facing a Year of Trial: the Okinawa-Japan-US Relationship and the East China Sea 沖縄が直面する試練の年ー沖日米関係と東シナ海
3873 Gavan McCormack
Abe Days Are Here Again: Japan in the World 再び安倍の天下−−世界の中での日本
3837 Gavan McCormack
Yonaguni: Dilemmas of a Frontier Island in the East China Sea  与那国−−東シナ海に浮かぶ国境の島の板挟み状態
3828 Gavan McCormack, Satoko NORIMATSU
Ryukyu/Okinawa, From Disposal to Resistance  琉球/沖縄、処分から抵抗へ
3821 Gavan McCormack
Troubled Seas: Japan’s Pacific and East China Sea Domains (and Claims)  荒れる海−−太平洋・東シナ海の日本海域(および権利主張)
3753 Gavan McCormack, Urashima Etsuko
Okinawa’s Nature Groaning – Let’s Turn Mt Kushi into a Forest of Life. On the Sixtieth Anniversary of the San Francisco Treaty and the Fortieth Anniversary of Okinawa’s Reversion to Japan  沖繩の自然は喘ぐ −− 久志山を命の林へ。サンフランシスコ条約60周年、沖縄の日本復帰40周年
3748 Gavan McCormack
North Korea's 100th – Celebrations Gone Awry  北朝鮮の100周年−−不首尾に終わった祝典
3732 Gavan McCormack
North Korea's 100th – To Celebrate or To Surrender?  北朝鮮の100年記念−−祝典か降伏か
3694 Gavan McCormack
Mage – Japan’s Island Beyond the Reach of the Law  馬毛−−法律の及ぶ範囲外の島
3673 Gavan McCormack, Sakurai Kunitoshi, Urashima Etsuko
Okinawa, New Year 2012: Tokyo’s Year End Surprise Attack  未明の「奇襲」、評価書「置き去り」 
3611 Gavan McCormack, Satoko NORIMATSU
Discordant Visitors: Japanese and Okinawan Messages to the US  諧調に乱れあり−−米国へ日本政府と沖縄の伝えるもの
3532 Gavan McCormack
Deception and Diplomacy: The US, Japan, and Okinawa  欺瞞と外交−−アメリカ、日本、沖縄 •Japanese text available
3517 Gavan McCormack
Hubris Punished: Japan as Nuclear State  驕れる者は久しからず−−核国家としての日本 
3492 Gavan McCormack
Contested Waters - Contested Texts: Storm over Korea's West Sea  紛争の海域 紛争のテクスト−−朝鮮西海上の嵐
3468 Gavan McCormack, Mark Selden, Satoko NORIMATSU
New Year 2011, Okinawa and the Future of East Asia  2011年 年明け、沖繩、東アジアの将来
3464 Gavan McCormack
Small Islands – Big Problem: Senkaku/Diaoyu and the Weight of History and Geography in China-Japan Relations  小さな諸島−大きな問題−−尖閣/釣魚と日中関係における歴史と地理の重さ •Japanese, Korean and Chinese texts available
3443 Gavan McCormack
The Battle of Okinawa 2010: Japan-US Relations at a Crossroad  2010年沖縄戦−−分岐点に立つ日米関係
3435 Gavan McCormack
Ideas, Identity and Ideology in Contemporary Japan: The Sato Masaru Phenomenon 現代日本における思考形態−−佐藤優現象  
3407 Gavan McCormack
The US-Japan 'Alliance', Okinawa, and Three Looming Elections  日米「同盟」、沖繩、目前に迫る三つの選挙
3367 Gavan McCormack
Ampo's Troubled 50th: Hatoyama's Abortive Rebellion, Okinawa's Mounting Resistance and the US-Japan Relationship - Part 3  苦渋の安保改正50年—鳩山反撃の失敗、沖繩で高まる反抗運動、日米関係 第3部 [Macedonian Translation Available]
3366 Gavan McCormack
Ampo's Troubled 50th: Hatoyama's Abortive Rebellion, Okinawa's Mounting Resistance and the US-Japan Relationship - Part 2  苦渋の安保改正50年—鳩山反撃の失敗、沖繩で高まる反抗運動、日米関係 第2部 
3365 Gavan McCormack
Ampo's Troubled 50th: Hatoyama's Abortive Rebellion, Okinawa's Mounting Resistance and the US-Japan Relationship - Part 1  苦渋の安保改正50年—鳩山反撃の失敗、沖繩で高まる反抗運動、日米関係 第1部
3317 Gavan McCormack
The Travails of a Client State: An Okinawan Angle on the 50th Anniversary of the US-Japan Security Treaty 属国の苦悩−−日米安全保障条約五〇周年の沖繩の一視点
3291 Gavan McCormack, Urashima Etsuko
Electing a Town Mayor in Okinawa: Report from the Nago Trenches [Updated]  沖縄市長選ーー名護市より [Korean translation available]
3250 Gavan McCormack
The Battle of Okinawa 2009: Obama vs Hatoyama [Japanese translation]
3238 Gavan McCormack
The Road to Copenhagen [Korean and Japanese translations available]
3188 Gavan McCormack
History Too Long Denied: Japan's Unresolved Colonial Past and Today's North Korea Problem
3121 Gavan McCormack
Security Council Condemnation of North Korean "UFO" Deepens Korean Crisis
3059 Gavan McCormack
Hillary in Japan - The Enforcer
3056 Gavan McCormack, Kim Dong-choon
Grappling with Cold War History: Korea's Embattled Truth and Reconciliation Commission
3011 Gavan McCormack
Okinawa's Turbulent 400 Years [Japanese text available]
2983 Gavan McCormack
Facing the Past: War and Historical Memory in Japan and Korea [Korean text available]
2920 Gavan McCormack
The Okinawan Alternative to Japan's Dependent Militarism [Japanese translation available]
2869 Gavan McCormack
Korea at 60 [Korean translation available]
2849 Gavan McCormack
August Nuclear Thoughts: the New Proliferation (Available in Korean)
2825 Gavan McCormack, T Matsumoto
Okinawa Says "No" to US-Japan Base Plan
2786 Gavan McCormack
"Conservatism" and "Nationalism". The Japan Puzzle
2602 Gavan McCormack
Japan as a Plutonium Superpower
2555 Gavan McCormack
North Korea and the Birth Pangs of a New Northeast Asian Order
2512 Gavan McCormack
Abe and Okinawa: Collision Course?
2488 Gavan McCormack
Japan as a Nuclear State
2437 Gavan McCormack
Fitting Okinawa into Japan the "Beautiful Country"
2354 Gavan McCormack
A Denuclearization Deal in Beijing: The Prospect of Ending the 20th Century in East Asia
2339 Gavan McCormack, Yonhap News , S Kamiya
Yokohama and Seoul: Dealing With Crimes of State in Japan and South Korea
2275 Gavan McCormack
The Okinawan Election and Resistance to Japan's Military First Politics
2189 Gavan McCormack
Criminal States: Soprano vs. Baritone - North Korea and the US
2175 Gavan McCormack, David McNeill, John Junkerman
Japan's Political and Constitutional Crossroads
2158 Gavan McCormack
North Korea Coming in from the cold?
2132 Gavan McCormack
Pyongyang Waiting for the Spring
2123 Gavan McCormack
War and Japan's Memory Wars: the media and the globalization of consciousness
2111 Gavan McCormack
Koizumi's Japan in Bush's World: After 9/11
2108 Gavan McCormack
Japan's Sixtieth
2103 Gavan McCormack
The Umbrella and the Mushroom: Realism and Extremism on North Korea
2096 Gavan McCormack
A North Korean Visitor to the White House
2095 Gavan McCormack
Making Sense of the Korean Crisis: An Interview
2088 Gavan McCormack
Okinawa and the Revamped US-Japan Alliance
1949 Gavan McCormack
Disputed Bones: Japan, North Korea and the 'Nature' Controversy
1925 Gavan McCormack
North Korea and the US "Strategic Decision"
1924 Gavan McCormack
Koizumi's Kingdom of Illusion
1909 Gavan McCormack
"The North Korean Problem", Japan and the US: The Politics of Hypocrisy
1894 Wada Haruki, Gavan McCormack
The Strange Record of 15 Years of Japan-North Korea Negotiations
1863 Gavan McCormack
Looking Back at the Occupation -- The US and Japan over 60 Years
1779 Gavan McCormack
Sunshine, Containment, War: Korean Options
1681 Gavan McCormack
Tide Change in Saga, Japan
1592 Gavan McCormack, M Sato, Urashima Etsuko
The Nago Mayoral Election and Okinawa s Search for a Way Beyond Bases and Dependence
1591 Gavan McCormack
Community and Identity in Northeast Asia: 1930s and Today
1570 Gavan McCormack, Meredith Box
Terror in Japan
1559 Yoshinaga Fusako, Gavan McCormack
Minamata: The Irresponsibility of the Japanese State
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