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The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus
In-depth critical analysis of the forces shaping the Asia-Pacific...and the world.
M K Bhadrakumar
ID Author Title
3277 M K Bhadrakumar
China Resets Terms of Engagement in Central Asia: Energy and Great Power Conflict 中央アジアにおける中国の新たな関わり方ーーエネルギーと大国間相克
3178 M K Bhadrakumar
Sino-Russian Alliance Comes of Age: Geopolitics and Energy Politics
3150 M K Bhadrakumar
Russia-China Strategic Relations Warm in Wake of Mounting Tensions with NATO/US
3119 M K Bhadrakumar
The US, Kazakhstan and Japan Rethink Iran's Nuclear Rights
2996 M K Bhadrakumar
Afghanistan, Iran, and US-Russian Conflict
2981 M K Bhadrakumar
India, Russia, China Strengthen Ties, Challenging US Vision for South and Central Asia
2975 M K Bhadrakumar
Storm Brews in South Asia: India-Pakistan conflict and the US-Afghan Connection
2924 M K Bhadrakumar
US, Russia, NATO and the Future of Afghanistan: Taliban Resurgence and the Geopolitics of Oil
2876 M K Bhadrakumar
Russia Consolidates its Position as a Black Sea power: The US, Nato and Geopolitics of the War in Georgia
2858 M K Bhadrakumar
War in the Caucasus and the Global Repositioning of China, Germany, Russia and the US
2769 M K Bhadrakumar
Russia-China Relations Cool. Implications for the Asia Pacific
2613 M K Bhadrakumar
Russia, Iran and Eurasian Energy Politics
2503 M K Bhadrakumar
The New 'NATO of the East' Takes Shape: The SCO and China, Russia and US Maneuvers
2494 M K Bhadrakumar
Shanghai Cooperation Organization Primed and Ready to Fire: Toward a Regional and Global Realignment?
2412 M K Bhadrakumar
In the Trenches of the New Cold War: The US, Russia and the great game in Eurasia
2395 M K Bhadrakumar
US Shadow over China-Russia Ties
2334 M K Bhadrakumar
Geopolitics of the Afghanistan War: US Elevates Pakistan to Regional Kingpin. Implications for Russia, NATO, Iran and the Arab States
2322 M K Bhadrakumar
China's Tortuous Middle East Journey: Israel, Iran, and Saudia Arabia
2251 M K Bhadrakumar
Russian Energy Geostrategy Redefines Relations with the US and EU
2230 M K Bhadrakumar
The Geopolitics of Energy: Russia sets the pace in energy race
2205 M K Bhadrakumar
Russia's Great Game in Central Asia
2052 M K Bhadrakumar
China and Russia Welcome Iran, India, Pakistan and Mongolia into Shanghai Cooperation Organization