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In-depth critical analysis of the forces shaping the Asia-Pacific...and the world.
Richard Tanter


Richard Tanter is Senior Research Associate at Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability and Director of the Nautilus Institute at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. A Japan Focus associate, he has written widely on Japanese security policy, including 'With Eyes Wide Shut: Japan, Heisei Militarization and the Bush Doctrine' in Melvin Gurtov and Peter Van Ness (eds.), Confronting the Bush Doctrine: Critical Views from the Asia-Pacific, (New York: Routledge, 2005). His most recent book, co-edited with Gerry Van Klinken and Desmond Ball, is Masters of Terror: Indonesia's Military and Violence in East Timor in 1999 [second edition].

ID Author Title
4238 Richard Tanter
Australia in America's Third Iraq War 米第三次イラク戦争と豪州
4088 Richard Tanter
Indonesia, Australia and the Edward Snowden Legacy: Shifting asymmetries of power インドネシア・オーストラリア関係とスノーデン効果 変容する権力の非対称性
4025 Richard Tanter
The US Military Presence in Australia: Asymmetrical Alliance Cooperation and its Alternatives オーストラリアにおける米国の軍事的存在 非対象的協力とそれに代わりうるもの
3901 Richard Tanter
An Australian Role in Reducing the Prospects of China-Japan War over the Senkakus/Diaoyutai?
3270 Richard Tanter, David von Hippel, Geoffrey Gunn, Arabella Imhoff
Nuclear Power, Risk Management and Democratic Accountability in Indonesia: Volcanic, regulatory and financial risk in the Muria peninsula nuclear power proposal
3269 Richard Tanter
Rethinking Extended Nuclear Deterrence in the Defence of Australia
2948 Richard Tanter
The Coming Catastrophe: the American War in Afghanistan and Pakistan
2868 Richard Tanter
The Maritime Self-Defence Force Mission in the Indian Ocean: Afghanistan, NATO and Japan's Political Impasse
2664 Richard Tanter
East Timor: the Crisis Beyond the Coup Attempt
2568 Richard Tanter
The Re-emergence of an Australian Nuclear Weapons Option? Implications for Indonesia and the Asia Pacific
2497 Richard Tanter
The End of Alliance "Business as Usual"? Ozawa's Rejection of Japan's Indian Ocean Deployment
2484 Richard Tanter, H. Umebayashi
Covert Expansion of the US-Japan Security Treaty: Missile Defence Response to the July 2006 North Korean Missile Test by US Naval Vessels Home-Ported at Yokosuka
2482 Richard Tanter
Australia's Expansive Asian Security Footprint: the 2007 Defence Update, the United States, and the abuses of realism
2385 Richard Tanter
The New American-led Security Architecture in the Asia Pacific: Binding Japan and Australia, containing China
2172 Richard Tanter, Peter Hayes, David von Hippel, Jungmin Kang, Tatsujiro SUZUKI, Scott Bruce
South Korea's Power Play at the Six-Party Talks
2066 Richard Tanter
Voice and Silence in the First Nuclear War: Wilfred Burchett and Hiroshima
1989 Richard Tanter
Japanese Militarization and the Bush Doctrine
1938 Richard Tanter, Honda Masaru
Does Japan Have a National Strategy?
1700 Richard Tanter
Japan's Indian Ocean Naval Deployment: Blue water militarization in a "normal country"