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In-depth critical analysis of the forces shaping the Asia-Pacific...and the world.
Roger Pulvers

Author, playwright, theatre director and translator, Roger graduated UCLA in political science before getting his MA in Russian Area Studies at Harvard. He has published 36 books in English and Japanese, including novels, plays, essays and translations from Japanese, Russian and Polish and his autobiography, "The Unmaking of an American". He is currently head of the Center for the Study of World Civilizations at Tokyo Institute of Technology.  His website is accessible through this link. He is a Japan Focus Associate.

ID Author Title
4338 Roger Pulvers
'Do we have peace now?' poem by Okinawa teen Chinen Masaru 今は平和でしょうか」 高校三年知念捷の詩
4329 Roger Pulvers
In the Woods with Takuboku and Kenji -- Soul Brothers of Meiji Japan 明治期の「魂の兄弟」(ソール・ブラザース)啄木と賢治と林中に
4306 Roger Pulvers
Illusions of Self: The Life and Poetry of Ishikawa Takuboku 幻想の自己 石川啄木の生涯と短歌
4186 Roger Pulvers
The Life and Death of Lafcadio Hearn: A 110-year perspective ラフカディオ・ハーンの生と死 没後110年から観る
4141 Roger Pulvers
Architect Kuma Kengo: ‘a product of place’ 場所」 が生み出した建築家 隈研吾 
4021 Roger Pulvers
Miyazawa Kenji’s Prophetic Green Vision: Japan’s Great Writer/Poet on the 80th Anniversary of His Death 予言・者宮沢賢治が託した緑の展望 偉大な物書き・詩人の没後80周年
3913 Roger Pulvers
Tohoku Has Been Rent Asunder for Future Generations 引き裂かれた東北を後世に残す
3886 Roger Pulvers
Beate Sirota Gordon: An American to whom Japan remains indebted ベアテ・シロタ・ゴードン 日本にとっての恩人
3667 Roger Pulvers
Night on the Milky Way Train: Miyazawa Kenji’s Space Odyssey  銀河鉄道の夜−−宮沢賢治の宇宙空間オデュッセイア
3605 Roger Pulvers
Two Generations of Japanese and Japanese American Artists: Activism, Racism and the American Experience  親子二代の日本・日系アメリカ人芸術家−−活動、人種偏見、アメリカ体験
3598 Roger Pulvers, John Junkerman
Remembering Victims of Agent Orange in the Shadow of 9/11  9・11の影のもとにオレンジ剤被害者を思う
3570 Roger Pulvers
Murakami, the No-Nuclear Principles, Nuclear Power and the Bomb  村上春樹、非核原則、原子力、原爆
3552 Roger Pulvers, Dazai Osamu
Cherries  桜桃
3513 Roger Pulvers
The Dream of Lafcadio Hearn  ラフカディオ・ハーンの夢
3434 Roger Pulvers, Miyazawa Kenji, Jane Marie Law
Indra’s Net: The Spiritual Universe of Miyazawa Kenji  因陀羅の網
3424 Roger Pulvers, Miyazawa Kenji
Indra's Net インドラの網
3411 Roger Pulvers
A Dialogue With The Japanese People--The Life and Work of Inoue Hisashi  日本人との対話−−井上ひさしの仕事と人生 
3296 Roger Pulvers, Yosano Akiko
Yesterday Is Another World. Tanka by Yosano Akiko  きのふをば千とせの前の世とも思ひ。与謝野晶子の短歌
3237 Roger Pulvers
Suite Slaughter: Inoue Hisashi's play on the life and death of Kobayashi Takiji
3215 Roger Pulvers
Japan as a Nation of Animal Lovers -- As Pets Or When They're On a Plate
2907 Roger Pulvers
Homage to the Life and Poetry of Miyazawa Kenji
2721 Roger Pulvers, Inoue Hisashi
My Friend Frois
2637 Roger Pulvers
Japan's Wild Scientific Genius: Minakata Kumagusu
2621 Roger Pulvers
Half . . . or Hana's Story
2301 Roger Pulvers
Ghosts of Christmas Past: The Christmas Bombing of Vietnam
2089 Roger Pulvers
"A Freedom That Rocks the Boat": Yoji Sakate's Small Theater
2038 Roger Pulvers
The Human Condition after Hiroshima: The world of Inoue Hisashi
1584 Roger Pulvers
Sugihara Chiune and the Japanese Conscience: Lest we forget
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