Recent Articles An Appeal from Okinawa to the US Congress. Futenma Marine Base Relocation and its Environmental Impact:: U.S. Responsibility So Happy to see Cherry Blossoms: Haiku from the Year of the Great Earthquake and Tsunami Reality through Fantasy: Miyazaki Hayao’s “Anime” Films Police Surveillance of Muslims and Human Rights in Japan The Japan-Korea Solidarity Movement in the 1970s and 1980s: From Solidarity to Reflexive Democracy The Life and Death of Lafcadio Hearn: A 110-year perspective A New Japanese Miracle? Its Hamstrung Feed-in Tariff Actually Works Korean Film Companies in U.S. Occupied Japan: Imagining an Independent Korea Japanese Mass Media Buries Self-Immolation Protest Over Abe Government's Constitutional Coup 日本のマスメディア、安倍首相の憲法つぶしに抗議する焼身行為を葬り去る Jeff Kingston and Asano Ken'ichi comment on a self-immolation protest against the Abe government's collective self-defense policy. Japan's Secrecy Law and International Standards 特定秘密保護法と国際基準 “War is a Crime”: Takenaka Shōgen and Buddhist Resistance in the Asia-Pacific War and Today 竹中彰元「戦争は罪悪である] アジア太平洋戦争当時と今日における仏教徒の抵抗 Sōka Gakkai Founder, Makiguchi Tsunesaburō, A Man of Peace? 創価学会の創立者・牧口恒三郎 平和を愛する男? The Ethics of Bombing Civilians After World War II: The Persistence of Norms Against Targeting Civilians in the Korean War 第二次世界大戦後、定着し続けた倫理的規範 朝鮮戦争において、民間人を標的にするはよしとされず Political Protest in Interwar Japan--Part II 戦間期日本の政治的抗議活動 (下) Reexamining "Myths" About Japan's Collective Self-Defense Change - What critics (and the Japanese public) do understand about Japan's constitutional reinterpretation Bryce Wakefield and Craig Martin examine Michael Green and Jeffrey Hornung's assertion that resistence to the reinterpretation of Article 9 is based on a series unfounded "myths". The US ‘Pivot to Asia’, the China Spectre and the Australian-American Alliance 米による「アジアへの転換」、中国という不安、そして米豪同盟 The Myth of the 'Pacifist' Japanese Constitution 日本国憲法の平和主義は神話 Constitutional Amendment is Out of the Question 憲法をかえるなどもってのほか Hiroshima's Disaster, Climate Crisis, and the Future of the Resilient City 広島の災害、気候危機と回復力のある都市(「レジリエント・シティー」)の未来 Nuchi Du Takara, Okinawan Resistance and the Battle for Henoko Bay ぬちどぅ宝 抵抗する沖縄、辺野古・大浦湾の闘い