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Sakurai Kunitoshi, The Henoko Assessment Does Not Pass
Mar. 04, 2012:
Sakurai Kunitoshi introduces a Mainichi Shimbun editorial critical of the Japanese government's assessment of the environmental impact of the planned move of a US Marine base from Futenma to Henoko.
Andrew DeWit, Japan, the Pentagon, and the Future of Renewable Energy: Battle Lines Form  日本、ペンタゴン、再生可能エネルギーの将来−−戦陣
Mar. 04, 2012:
Andrew DeWit on Japan's push toward renewable energy and competition from an unlikely source - the US Military.
Matthew Penney, Nuclear Power and Shifts in Japanese Public Opinion  原子力発電と日本における世論の推移
Feb. 13, 2012:
This piece looks at recent Japanese public opinion polls in order to gauge shifts in views on nuclear power, sustainable energy, and the major problems facing Japan.
Asia-Pacific Journal Feature, Fukushima Crisis Concealed: Japanese government kept worst-case scenario under wraps  福島危機の隠蔽−−日本政府は最悪事態の想定図を公表しなかった
Jan. 31, 2012:
Miguel Quintana reports on the Japanese government's decision not to release a worst-case report prepared by the Japan Atomic Energy Commission following the outbreak of the Fukushima crisis.
Mark Selden, Stephen S. Roach: China's Connectivity Revolution  中国のネット革命
Jan. 29, 2012:
Mark Selden introduces a piece by Stephen S. Roach which assess the potential impact of China's skyrocketing number of internet users on the consumer economy and civil society.
Gavan McCormack, Doug Bandow: Give Okinawa Back To The Okinawans  沖縄を沖縄人に返還せよ
Jan. 25, 2012:
Cato Institute Senior Fellow Doug Bandow argues that US troops should leave Okinawa. Introduction by Gavan McCormack.
Asia-Pacific Journal Feature, Gregg Levine Critiques Frontline Fukushima Documentary  グレグ・レヴィーン、最前線の福島関係記録資料を批判
Jan. 22, 2012:
Columnist and film producer Gregg Levine calls Frontline Fukushima documentary a "lazy apologia for the nuclear industry".
Asia-Pacific Journal Feature, Japan's Supreme Court Limits National Anthem Punishments for Teachers  日本最高裁、
Jan. 22, 2012:
Japan's Supreme Court has called for "excessive" punishments against Tokyo teachers who refused to stand for the national anthem to be scaled back.
Nak-chung Paik, The Post Kim Jong-il Era and the 2013 Regime in South Korea  金正日後の時代と韓国における2013年体制
Jan. 22, 2012:
Leading Korean intellectual Nak-chung Paik on the death of Kim Jong-il, South Korea's upcoming elections, and the prospects for peace on the peninsula.
Matthew Penney, Business as Usual - Controversy Flares Over Japanese Nuclear Exports  平常通り営業−−日本の核輸出をめぐって論争高まる
Jan. 15, 2012:
Despite serious doubts about nuclear safety at home, the Japanese government plans to press ahead with nuclear export plans.
Paul Jobin, Nuclear Irresponsibility: Koide Hiroaki Interviewed by Le Monde  核の責任不在−−小出裕章「ル・モンド」インタヴュー
Dec. 21, 2011:
Paul Jobin presents a translation of prominent Japanese nuclear scientist and critic Koide Hiroaki's interview with Philippe Pons of Le Monde.
Paul Jobin, Nuclear Irresponsibility: Koide Hiroaki Interviewed by Le Monde  核の責任不在−−小出裕章「ル・モンド」インタヴュー
Dec. 21, 2011:
Paul Jobin presents a translation of prominent Japanese nuclear scientist and critic Koide Hiroaki's interview with Philippe Pons of Le Monde.
Hirose Takashi, Farewell to Nuclear Power – A Lecture on Fukushima  原発を即時廃炉に
Dec. 18, 2011:
A video lecture with English subtitles by Hirose Takashi, one of Japan's most vocal critics of nuclear power, with an introduction by C. Douglas Lummis.
Asia-Pacific Journal Feature, Japan Nuclear Safety Agency: Radioactive Water Leaks to the Ocean 'Zero'   保安院 海への汚染水、ゼロ扱い 「緊急」で法適用外
Dec. 18, 2011:
The Tokyo Shimbun has revealed that, claiming a "state of emergency", Japan's nuclear regulators are reporting radioactive water leaks from Fukushima Daiichi as "zero".
William Underwood, Overseas Hibakusha Lawsuit: Lee Keun-mok's Legacy  在外被爆者訴訟:三菱徴用工判決から4年 元原告の李さん死去、その足跡
Dec. 08, 2011:
William Underwood translates and introduces a Mainichi Shimbun article on Korean hibakusha Lee Keun-mok and the legacy of the Japan Supreme Court's decision in the Mitsubishi labor conscript case
Andrew DeWit, Japan’s Nuclear Village Wages War on Renewable Energy and the Feed-in Tariff  日本の原発村、再生可能エネルギーと固定価格買取り制度に対し戦闘へ
Dec. 08, 2011:
The Japanese government and power companies have teamed up to thwart attempts to promote renewable energy.
David H. Slater, Fukushima women against nuclear power: finding a voice from Tohoku  福島の女性対原子力発電−−東北からの声
Nov. 09, 2011:
David H. Slater explains why Fukushima women have become a central part of Japan's surging anti-nuclear power movement.
David McNeill, Blood Money - Fukushima Victims Bitter Over Compensation  涙金−−補償額を不服とする福島の犠牲者たち
Oct. 25, 2011:
Victims of the Fukushima nuclear crisis are bitter over compensation offers for the world's worst nuclear disaster in 25 years.
Hase Michiko, “We want genpatsu in Tokyo!” – The new sarcastic edge of Japan’s anti-nuclear demos  「東京に原発を!」−−日本の反原発デモに見える新たな風刺性
Oct. 11, 2011:
Japanese protesters demand that a nuclear plant be built in Tokyo, using sarcasm to critique the status quo.
Asia-Pacific Journal Feature, What are the Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown? Japanese Press Assessments  福島原発炉心溶融のもたらす結果は?−−日本の諸新聞記事による評価
Sep. 26, 2011:
A recent series of Japanese newspaper articles drawns attention to under-discussed sides of the fallout of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
Koide Hiroaki, Japanese Radiation Expert Koide on Fukushima Dangers 原子核物理学専門家小出裕章、福島の危険を語る 
Sep. 12, 2011:
Leading radiation expert Koide Hiroaki details the continuing risks of the Fukushima crisis in the Japanese daily Mainichi Shimbun.
Matthew Penney, Contamination Outside Fukushima  福島の範囲を超える汚染
Sep. 04, 2011:
Japan's AERA magazine discusses the impact of radiation in the Kanto region - the area around Tokyo host to 1/3 of Japan's population.
Greg Mitchell, From Hiroshima to Fukushima: Japan Set to Declare Wide Area Uninhabitable Due to Radiation  ヒロシマからフクシマ−−日本政府、放射線による居住不可能の広域設定発表へ
Aug. 22, 2011:
Greg Mitchell describes how as Japan prepares to declare a wide area surrounding the Fukushima nuclear power plant ‘uninhabitable’ a debate rages on the consequences of the earthquake tsunami and meltdown . . . and on the future of nuclear power in Japan. 
Pio d'Emilia, Dispatches from the No-Go Zone  立ち入り禁止地帯からの特報
Aug. 15, 2011:
Pio d'Emilia reports from the no-go zone around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.
John Eperjesi , Jeju: From peace island to war island  済州島−−平和の島から戦争の島へ
Aug. 14, 2011:
John Eperjesi discusses popular and literary representations of an island that both evokes South Korea's Cold War past and takes a central place in debates about current relations with North Korea, China, and the United States.  
Asia-Pacific Journal Feature, Tokyo Shimbun's Devastating Critique of Fukushima Compensation Bill  東京新聞社説「東電賠償案 株主責任はどうする」
Aug. 03, 2011:
A Tokyo Shimbun editorial accuses the government of taking the burden of Fukushima Daiichi disaster compensation away from those responsible and putting it on taxpayers.
David McNeill, A young man sacrificing his future to shut down Fukushima  福島第一廃炉化のために自分の将来を犠牲にする若い男
Aug. 03, 2011:
David McNeill meets a nuclear worker who sees it as his duty to save the stricken plant – even if it means an early grave.
Asia-Pacific Journal Feature, US Nuclear Technology as a Cure for Japanese Ignorance? 日本人への療法としての米国核技術
Jul. 27, 2011:
The Kyodo news agency has unearthed new documents outline how the US government sought to use nuclear technology cooperation to remedy Japanese "ignorance" about atomic energy in the 1950s/
Asia-Pacific Journal Feature, A Solar Future? Prospects, Problems, and Japan’s Solar Energy Plans  太陽熱による将来?期待、問題、および日本の太陽エネルギー計画
Jul. 18, 2011:
As Japanese politicians and business leaders debate a decisive move away from nuclear power, Tokyo University Prof. Mogi Gento discusses the potential economic impact of a shift to solar energy.
Matthew Penney, The Voices of Ten Million: Anti-Nuclear Petition Movement Launched in Japan  千万人の声−−反原子力陳情運動、日本で始まる
Jul. 09, 2011:
Some of Japan’s most famous public intellectuals launch an anti-nuclear petition and plan a major demonstration to mark the six month anniversary of the tsunami and the beginning of the Fukushima crisis.