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Where is Okinawa Going? Forum at Okinawa University on December 19 フォーラム「沖縄はどこへ向かうのか?」12月19日 於 沖縄大学
Dec. 12, 2010 - Dec. 19, 2010


フォーラム「沖縄はどこへ向かうのか?」12月19日 於 沖縄大学

The "Where is Okinawa Going?" forum will present and discuss Okinawan perspectives on the current situation surrounding the southernmost islands of Japan, amid the ongoing controversy over the "Futenma relocation" issue, from three viewpoints: 1) environment and biodiversity in the context of the Convention of Biological Diversity (COP10) in Nagoya; 2) Northeast Asian regional geopolitics in the wake of the Japan-China conflict over the ship collision near the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands; and 3) the Okinawa-Japan-US relationship and the issue of US military bases in light of the November 2010 Okinawa gubernatorial election.


Date and Time: December 19, 2010 (Sunday), 10AM - 5PM

Location: Okinawa University, Classroom 3-101,

Forum agenda: English, Japanese (image of the Japanese-language forum flyer)

Admission is free. The primary language for the forum will be Japanese.


The forum is co-sponsored by the Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus and The Institute of Regional Studies, Okinawa University, in collaboration with the Okinawa Biodiversity Citizens' Network (Okinawa BD) and the Peace Philosophy Centre (, and with support from Australian National University.


Asia-Pacific Journal participants and authors include Sakurai Kunitoshi, Ota Masayoshi, Yoshikawa Hideki, Sato Manabu, Satoko Norimatsu, Doug Lummis, Gavan McCormack, Mark Selden, Ota Masahide, Miyagi Yasuhiro and Yoshida Kensei.


For inquiries: Okinawa University Regional Studies Institute (Phone: 098-832-5599; email: English inquiries by email:  


◆日 時 1219日(日)10時~17

◆会 場 沖縄大学 3101





















◆主催 ジャパン フォーカス/沖縄大学地域研究所

◆協力 沖縄・生物多様性市民ネットワーク/Peace Philosophy Centre


Webでのご案内はこちら (英文)





後藤 TEL098-832-5599 [FAX]832-3220



吉川 [TEL] 090-2516-7969


"Where is Okinawa Going?" flyer & poster

"Where is Okinawa Going?" flyer

(Click to open larger image)



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