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The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus
In-depth critical analysis of the forces shaping the Asia-Pacific...and the world.
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2269 Eric Johnston
2234 Jean Miyake Downey
2175 Gavan McCormack, David McNeill, John Junkerman
1644 Chalmers Johnson
1997 Kang Sang Jung
1648 Wakamiya Yoshibumi
1962 Hirano Chizu
2114 Tony McNicol
1996 David McNeill
1840 Nobumasa Tanaka
2125 Guy Podoler
1835 David McNeill
2061 Awaya Kentaro
1666 Geoffrey Gunn
1663 Shibuya Nozomu
1679 Jiyul Kim
1946 Jamie Doucette, Owen Miller
2164 David McNeill
1764 Kato Shuichi
1847 Yoshikazu SAKAMOTO
1924 Gavan McCormack
2160 Tomiyama Ichiro
1845 Yoshida Reiji
1961 David McNeill
1796 David McNeill
1871 Herbert P. Bix
1798 Ronald Dore
2138 Ichikawa Miako
2041 Emanuel Pastreich
1772 Sheila Miyoshi Jager